Allen C Shelton

(716) 878-6437
Campus Address: Classroom Building B310

Ph.D., University of Georgia

Allen Shelton was born in 1955 in Alabama. He is an associate Professor of sociology. His work is in social theory, culture, and ethnographic reportage. He arrived in Buffalo in 1998 in a Toyota one-ton pickup with 233,000 miles on the engine. The truck was stolen which left him with a pair of R.M. Williams boots, a transparent Pelikan, Xenophon's Anabasis, cuffed Momotaro’s, Rhodia paper, a creek named Cottaquila in another life, a Wetterling ax, an Ikaria disk, an abacus, a flower shirt that has never been washed, and Auburn, the color of the plains. Sometimes afterwards he wrote Dreamworlds of Alabama from University of Minnesota Press, 2007. He keeps time with a Bauman & Mercier mechanical. His new book Where the North Sea Touches Alabama is forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press in 2013. His website is http://www.softarcades.com/.


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