Amitra A. Wall

Assistant Dean, Intellectual Foundations and First-Year Programs
(716) 878-5906
Campus Address: Twin Rise Center 100

Amitra A. Wall is professor of sociology.  She is currently serving as assistant dean of intellectual foundations and first-year programs. In 1999, she earned her doctorate in sociology from Texas Woman’s University. When she joined the SUNY Buffalo State faculty in 2000, she coordinated the woman’s studies interdisciplinary minor program.  In 2010, she was certified as an applied sociologist by national and international colleagues from the Association for Applied and Clinical and Sociology.  In 2011, she received SUNY’s Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.  One of her greatest joys includes working with students. Student-related service activities include mentoring students for the Student Research and Creativity Celebrations and for local and state conferences, conducting workshops for McNair students, and participating in learning communities since 2001.  Wall presents at conferences and writes regularly with her learning community colleagues.  Recent scholarship include:

Wall, A., J. Marren, and S. Paige. 2014. “Race, Class, Gender, and Online Courses in the Academy: New Questions for the 21st Century” in Race, Class, and Gender Handbook edited by Shirley A. Jackson. New York: Routledge.

Marren, J., A. Wall, S. Paige, and A. Rockwell (Editors). 2013.  Baggage Claims: Attitudes and Skills to Pack for College. San Diego, California: Cognella Press.

Wall, A., (Editor). Welch, M. I., (Editor).   2013. Unquiet Voices:  Black Female Professors Unravel Cultural Experiences Leading to Tenure and Promotion. Champaign, IL: Common Ground Publishers. 

Lesser, L., A. Wall, R. Carver, D. Pearl, N. Martin, S. Kuiper, M. Posner, P. Erickson, S. Liao, J. Albert, and J. Weber. 2013.  “Using Fun in the Classroom: An Exploratory Study of Instructors’ Hesitations and Motivations.” Journal of Statistics Education, 21(1): 1-33.

Cook, C., H. Brethauer-Gay, A. Wall, and J. Smartt-Guillon. Editors. 2011.  Voices in Sociology: An Introduction to Core Concepts Revised 1st Edition.  San Diego, California: Cognella Academic Publishing.


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