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Campus Address: Classroom Building B-322

Ken Robinson was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He attended both public and parochial schools, before attaining his B.S. and M.S. from Buffalo State. Ken is especially proud to be working for his alma mater.

His academic interests include: history, theory, sport, race, class, deviance, and the adverse effects of pejorative labeling. In 2013, Ken’s first book, From Vick-tim To Vick-tory: The Fall and Rise of Michael Vick, was published by the Strategic Book Publishing Group. The book provides a critical analysis of NFL star quarterback Michael Vick’s demise and subsequent rise from the dog fighting debacle and imprisonment that derailed his life. In Robinson’s work, Vick emerges as an interesting case study, but within the NFL’s larger social structure, which includes its dominant alliance with the media, corporate sponsors, and the politics of the state—with race and deviance as interceding variables. Robinson’s book seeks to fill significant voids in the public discourse and in the body of literature on this vast topic. Vick-tim employs the use of history and grounded theory to unearth social factors, that were never probed, but which help to explain Vick’s fall and subsequent rise from the abyss. Such theoretical frameworks include: Marvin Wolfgang’s Subculture of Violence Theory (with Franco Feracutti); Howard Becker’s Sequential Model of Deviant Behavior; and Erving Goffman’s Dramaturgy theory. The book examines differential social reaction by race, in explaining the differential treatment by race, that Vick experienced at the hands of superstructures (Gramsci, 1971), public and private alike (i.e. the NFL; the media; corporate sponsors; and the politics of the state). The book also provides a host of policy recommendations.

Robinson has taught: Sociology of Work, Sociology of Deviant Behavior, Analyzing Social Problems, and Introduction to Sociology. He also teaches a modified version of the Social Problems course to high school students each summer through the Upward Bound Program at Buffalo State.
His community work has included advocacy and intervention strategies for at-risk youth and high school students to reduce interpersonal violence and dropout rates. Ken also works full-time in the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Buffalo State, where he advises students on college admissions, and is the coordinator of several important enrollment initiatives.

As for the future, Robinson plans to publish more of his work before enrolling in a graduate program to pursue his doctorate degree in Sociology.


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