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The B.A. degree in sociology presents a general program to prepare students for a wide variety of positions in business, industry, government, health-related services, or social services. It is also designed to prepare undergraduate students for graduate work in the study of sociology, law, public administration, media studies, demography, crime/deviance, or other social science disciplines. Its emphasis upon scholarly research culminates in either Internship in Sociology (SOC488) or Senior Seminar (SOC490). The freedom of choice in selection of courses permits students to develop a particular specialty within sociology, either to meet special career interests or to meet graduate program requirements.

Career Information
Sociology majors are prepared for careers in community organizations, criminal justice units, and government agencies as advisers, internal or external consultants, and counselors. Students who attend graduate school usually pursue sociology, education, business, or law.

Graduates have been hired as site managers for social service agencies, college admissions counselors, research assistants, counselors, police officers, case workers, and skills-development specialists for the developmentally disabled. Typical hiring firms include social service agencies, nonprofit advocacy organizations, and businesses requiring individuals with analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Recent graduates have been hired by companies and agencies such as Ingram Micro, U.S. Customs Service, Crisis Services, Niagara Mohawk, People Inc., KidsPeace, Niagara County Department of Social Services, Gateway-Longview, Research Institute on Addictions, Compass House, Buffalo Urban League, Stepping Stones Learning Center, and Bailey Delavan Community Services.

As part of the 120 credit hour requirement to earn a degree from SUNY Buffalo State, Sociology students must complete the requirements for the BA in Sociology.

Sociology BA Program Requirements (Total Required Credit Hours in Sociology - 42)

A. Required Courses (21 cr)
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 204 Foundations of Sociological Thought

SOC 299 Social Statistics

SOC 300 Methods in Social Research  OR  SOC 302W Applied Social Research

SOC 330 Social Psychology

SOC 408 Contemporary Sociological Theory

SOC 488 Internship in Sociology  OR  SOC 490 Seminar in Sociology


B. Sociology Electives (21 cr)
At least seven additional courses in sociology. Students may, in consultation with their advisor, use these electives to develop
a specialty cluster.



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