Faculty and Staff

The faculty in Buffalo State's Sociology Department are committed to student success and are involved in a variety of activities that, in addition to teaching, include research and community work. Areas of interest include the sociology of gender, family, childhood, inequality, mental health, environment, power, race, emotions, suicide, community revitalization, substance abuse, and social movements.

Four members of the faculty have received the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching (Dr. Gerhard Falk (now retired), Dr. Thomas S. Weinberg, Dr. Zhang Jie, and Dr. Amitra A. Wall) and three have received the college's President's Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creativity (Dr. Gerhard Falk, Dr. Thomas Weinberg and Dr. Zhang Jie). 


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Faculty                                                 Staff

Michael Cimasi, M.A.           cimasimc@buffalostate.edu                  Kate Wiech, Department Secretary

                                                                                                       Phone: 716-878-5411

Sarah Ford, M.A.                 fordsm@buffalostate.edu                     FAX: 716-878-4009

Keith Fulcher, Ph.D.            fulcheka@buffalostate.edu                    burnskm@buffalostate.edu

Sarah Glann, M.A.               glannsm@buffalostate.edu

Dr. Joyce Joyce, Ph.D.         joyceja@buffalostate.edu                      


Eric Krieg, Ph.D.                 kriegej@buffalostate.edu

Alex Means, Ph.D.              meansaj@buffalostate.edu

Staci Newmahr, Ph.D.        newmahsd@buffalostate.edu

Ken Robinson, M.A.           robinskn@buffalostate.edu

Allen Shelton, Ph.D.          sheltoac@buffalostate.edu

Ron Stewart, Ph.D.            stewarr@buffalostate.edu

Richard Strahan, Ph.D.       strahark@buffalostate.edu 

Amitra Wall, Ph.D.             hodgeaa@buffalostate.edu

Thomas Weinberg, Ph.D.   weinbets@buffalostate.edu

Gary Welborn, Ph.D.          welborgs@buffalostate.edu

Zhang Jie, Ph.D.                zhangj@buffalostate.edu



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