Sociology, (Minor)

About the Program: 

Applications may be obtained in the Sociology Department office, Classroom Building B307. Students who expect to use transfer courses must be certain these courses are acceptable to the department. All two-year college courses are lower-division courses and may not be substituted for sociology upper-division courses.

Students are reminded of the college requirements. At least three of the courses must be completed at this college; a 2.0 is required for admission; a minor may not be selected from the same discipline as the student’s major; pass/fail courses may not be used in the minor; only two lower division courses may be in a minor.

Program Requirements: 

A. Required Courses (9 hours)
SOC100 Introduction to Sociology

SOC330 Social Psychology
SOC350 Power, Class, and Inequality

SOC400 Foundations of Sociological Thought
SOC408 Contemporary Sociological Theory

B. Sociology Electives (9 hours)

May be fulfilled by any sociology course, including the alternatives to 330/350 and 400/408 not taken to fulfill the above required courses. May also include internship (488) or independent study (495).

NOTE: With the exception of SOC100, students may not use a course to fulfill both a minor in sociology and a minor in deviance.


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