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Department Mission

The Sociology program at Buffalo State seeks to cultivate in our students a critical understanding of the social world through a focus on the relationship between the individual and society. Through this development of “the sociological imagination” (Mills 1959), we aim to illuminate interdependence among social structures, cultural objects and social processes. Across our curriculum, we strive to cultivate an understanding of dynamics of social diversity and inequality. Our courses develop students’ critical reasoning skills by emphasizing the importance of imagination and creative thinking, logical analysis, and rational skepticism in evaluating beliefs and claims about the social world. Through the development and honing of these skills, we aim to prepare our students for productive intellectual, social and ethical citizenship.

History of The Sociology Department


Foundations & Favorites

How to be an Antiracist
White Fragility
The New Jim Crow
Learning to Labour
The Dialectic of Sex
The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
The Social Construction of Reality
The Elementary Forms of Religious Life
Wayward Puritans
The Protestant Ethic & The Spirit of Capitalism
The Souls of Black Folk
The Sociological Imagination




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